Sunday, October 10, 2010

Strauss Bench

Johann Strauss monument
Boulevard Saint-Martin
Paris, July 2010


Jacob said...

This shows that if a bench, even a concrete bench, is placed in a strategic spot, it will be used!

Love the photo...I embiggened it and looked at it for a long time...there's much to see and think about.

Did I ever tell you about Johann Sebastian Bach? He's buried in London I hear. One day some grave robbers were going through the cemetery where he lies. They started digging in what they thought was a good area. Before long they hit something solid. Further excavation revealed a coffin. Very carefully, they raised the lid, and lo and behold, they saw a candle burning, a guy laying on his back with a pencil in his hand ERASING notes on a sheet of music.

"Holy crap," they screamed. "Who are you and what are you doing?"

The man in the coffin smiled and said, "I'm Johann Sebastian Bach, and I'm decomposing."

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

cieldequimper said...

Oh Jacob.
I wonder if those people ever waltz.

Francisca said...

Jacob, couldn't you make that a Strauss joke? :-D Ba-aaaad. But I agree with you, this is a "full" photo ofa well-used bench.

[VP, mille gracie for noticing the error on my aqueduct stats. I've fixed my post.]

Dina said...

What a collection of humanity on this bench.

J Bar said...

It's certainly popular. Has the monument been tagged? No respect.