Monday, October 11, 2010

Shaded Benches

Cluster of benches near the gate
Mount Herzl military cemetery
Jerusalem, September 2010
(Photo by Dina, Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo)


J Bar said...

I do like these clusters of benches in this shaded area.

Jacob said...

Where are the people to sit on this cluster of benches? They look hard, but I see a lot of shade and that probably makes up for the hardness of the benches (especially in the summertime).

tapirgal said...

Lovely, and maybe even pleasant on a hot day in Israel.

Halcyon said...

These look nice and shady. A good place to rest!

I have some benches for you. Do you prefer by email? Here is one from New Orleans.

Francisca said...

Those benches invite conversation.