Monday, October 18, 2010

Saint-Jacques Tower

Tour Saint-Jacques, Paris
Bench, square de la Tour Saint-Jacques
4e arrondissement, Paris, July 2010


Jacob said...

Just lovely! The people make the photo!

I wonder if you were to take pictures of every bench in Paris - how often would you find someone talking on a cell phone?

Francisca said...

Kudos to the architect who thought of incorporating this bench into the building!

@Jacob, can't say about Paris, but in Asia you'd be hard-pressed to find a bench withOUT a human on a phone. :-D

cieldequimper said...

I agree with Francisca. If they aren't phoning they are frantically texting or listening to music or watching something. All the time.

joo said...

I think that question should be - how often would you find someone not talking on a mobile:)
Here, hardly ever!

tapirgal said...

I like this because I love the tower, but have always seen it from across the street or farther. I didn't know about the benches.

J Bar said...

Interesting bench connected to the stairs.