Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Priscilla Bench

Priscilla Queen of the Desert bench, Quercianella, Livorno
Priscilla Queen of the Desert” bench
Livorno, August 2010
(Photo by Trillian, Livorno Daily Photo)


Jacob said...

The Queen of the Desert bench is missing part of her spine! Ah, Trillian, you do such good work!

Who would anyone write that on an old bench, though. Or am I missing something?

tapirgal said...

That poor old bench looks about to fall down, but the graffiti is hysterical! I wonder what she looks like?

J Bar said...

Bizzare graffiti.

joo said...

Wow, what an interesting idea:)

Halcyon said...

Ha! Love it!!

Francisca said...

Poor bench. So violated.